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Awards Ceremony of the winner companies of the third edition of the " Responsible Food Operator "
Date: 20.03.2017   

The awards ceremony for the winning companies of the " Responsible Food Operator "  third edition was held in Chisinau. The contest was organized within the project "Transparent Convergence to EU Policies in Sanitary Issues" implemented by EEF. The initiative is funded by the Swedish Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

The competition aimed to identify Moldovan food companies operating in a responsible way, taking into account the interests and rights of consumers. The contest participants were monitored by qualified independent inspectors. Thus the assessment comprised the safety of the production process, the level of compliance with European standards of packaging / labeling and the quality of products offered to consumers by the participating companies.

Ten winners were awarded this year.
Thus, members of a jury decided that the title "Responsible Food Operator 2016" Awards for Excellence, Category Gold Edition III, to offer to the following companies:

• Cuptorul Fermecat SRL (pastry "Magic Oven" Balti)
• Gelibert SRL (factory of mineral water and soft drinks "Aqua Uniqua" Sângerei)
• Zorista Lux SRL (Restaurant "C'est la vie" Cimislia)
• Factory Oloi Pak SRL (Dairy Factory "Sana", Comrat)
• Iugintertrans SRL (bread factory "Milina", Comrat)

Awards of Excellence category Silver were offered to the following companies:

• Iurcu Ana Î.I. (Restaurant & supermarket "Hermes" Sângerei)
• Drum Bun SA (Restaurant "Drum Bun" Balti)
• MaxBall SRL (Restaurant "Django Club" Balti)
• Modernus SA (Restaurant "Laguna" Cahul)
• RicoMario SRL (bread factory "RicoMario" Ungheni)

The ceremony " Responsible Food Operator 2016" was attended was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps and the companies operating in the food sector, national and international experts in food safety, representatives of the National Agency for Food Safety, Agency for Consumer Protection, the National Center for Public Health and National Institute of Metrology and mass-media.

Other News

Date: 03.10.2017   
Three teachers from the Republic of Moldova participated in the thematic conference called “Learning to think in a digital society” that took place in Greece, Athens, September 28-30, 2017. During this thematic conference the emphasis was on the computer thinking skills. Computer thinking is a universally applicable aptitude and set of skills that everyone, not just computer scientists, should learn and use, and this is highlighted in the European Key Competence Framework for lifelong learning. Read more...
Date: 20.04.2017   
The Alliance of Organizations for Disabled Persons (AOPD) has launched, which comprises information about the activity of the 40 Advocacy Platform members concerned with promoting the rights of people with disabilities. Read more...
Date: 20.04.2017   
The AREAP organization launched a Social Laundry in Edinet town. The opening took place on April 10 and it aims to develop social entrepreneurship by employing people with special needs. Read more...
Date: 04.04.2017   
On March 31, 2017, the East Europe Foundation held a training for representatives of theNGOs platforms within the "Joint Equal Opportunity Initiative" Project. The event brought together 26 representatives of civil society organizations working in the key areas covered by the project youth, social inclusion of Roma people, people with disabilities, gender equality and the elderly. The goal of the training was to strengthen the participants’ communication skills with the media about social causes. Aspects of the communication cycle, formulating messages and media tools were some of the topics discussed during the event. Read more...
Date: 28.03.2017   
During March 23-24 a workshop on social innovation was held within the Youth Bank Program. The event brought together local youth team leaders from eight regions of the country in order to find innovative solutions for solving community problems through an approach that combines sustainability with the impact at broad scale. The operating formula of the workshop was: Invest time, resources and relationships - Develop and Spread innovative solutions to social problems in the community to which you belong. Read more...
Date: 27.03.2017   
Over 110 students and teachers participating in eTwinning program, met on Saturday, March 25, 2017, for the first time at the Forum of Moldovan students, entitled "My eTwinning gate to Europe". The program included both the dissemination of best practices in eTwinning as well as interactive activities in the workshops. Students spoke about their experience of being involved in the eTwinning program and about its impact on their personal growth, offering a number of good examples of the importance of participation in this initiative. Read more...
Date: 17.02.2017   
In January 2017, East Europe Foundation has signed a contract with the European Union referring to the grant awarded for the implementation of the project “Building bridges, facing challenges – building bridges between the civil society and communities on two banks of Nistru River”. The Swedish Government is co-financing the project. Read more...
Date: 17.02.2017   
EEF implements the Social Entrepreneurship Program for 4 years. The program seeks to create better employment and social opportunities for vulnerable groups in 9 communities, including the Transnistrian region, through social enterprises, which are run by CSOs. In order to identify the perceptions of direct and indirect beneficiaries of the program to promote social entrepreneurship, an opinion poll was conducted amongst direct and indirect beneficiaries of social entrepreneurship program in Moldova. The results of the research were announced in February 2017. Read more...
Date: 17.02.2017   
In June 2015 the Social Mission "Diaconia" founded the social enterprise The cleaning and moving company is the mechanism by which the organization aims to provide decent jobs for people from socially vulnerable categories - people who usually have no education, but they have the right to a decent income. Read more...
Date: 27.12.2016   
Over 100 members of the Youth Banks from 8 rayons of the country attended the YouthBank Winter School organized by East Europe Foundation during December 21-23, 2016. The three-day program included both interactive activities and national and local team-building workshops, sharing best practices, presenting the results of the activities carried out in 2016 by local teams. Read more...
Date: 21.12.2016   
Youth Bank Stefan Voda organizes the Youth Initiatives Forum for the second time. The goal of the event is to bring together youth and community stakeholders and their projects. This year, on December 8, about 90 participants, who are youngsters, representatives of local authorities, beneficiaries of the Small Grants Program, partners, volunteers, came together to celebrate the successes achieved after the implementation of 11 local projects in the villages from Stefan Voda. Read more...
Date: 21.12.2016   
Several studies on the monitoring activity of National Agency for Food Safety (NAFS), Agency for Consumer Protection (ACP) and the Centre for Public Health (CPS) were presented on December 21, during a press club of East European Foundation. Read more...
Date: 18.12.2016   
On December 17 East Europe Foundation, as The eTwinning Plus Moldova National Support Agency, organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Moldova the eTwinning Plus National Conference 2016: Successful Projects. The event brought together over 60 participants - teachers active in eTwinning Plus, representatives of the Ministry of Education of Moldova and eTwinning Ambassadors from Romania. Read more...
Date: 13.12.2016   
During November and December in Palanca village, Stefan Voda, a series of plantings were carried out, designed to consolidate the lands from the locality and mitigate landslides, and other types of natural disasters. Thus, the community was mobilized and people with community stakeholders participated in the planting of more than 10 000 thousand seedlings of different species in four different areas of the community. Read more...
Date: 06.12.2016   
Members of the youth initiative group "Cutezatorii" from Pirjota village with the support of Youth Bank Riscani and helped by many volunteers from the community were able to arrange the sports ground of the local gymnasium. Read more...
Date: 05.12.2016   
"YouthBank Orhei, Fest" 2016 was organized on December 3, an event meant to celebrate youth activism from Orhei and the results obtained this year by Youth Bank Orhei. Read more...
Date: 30.11.2016   
2/3 of cases reported to the Consumers Assistance Centers refer to improper labeling of products. Network of 3 Consumer Assistance Centre (CASes located in Chisinau, Balti and Cahul) received in about two years, more than 2 200 complaints from consumers, and 2/3 of them relate to improper products labeling. The data were presented on Tuesday, November 29 at a press club at the East Europe Foundation. Read more...
Date: 30.11.2016   
The 4th eTwinning Bilateral Seminar took place in November in Brasov, organized by the Institute of Sciences in Education (NSS Romania) in partnership with EEF (PSA Moldova). The event was attended by 23 teachers from Moldova and 25 teachers from Romania, registered in eTwinning. Read more...
Date: 29.11.2016   
Recently, in Stefan Voda rayon, two projects that promote a healthy and harmless environmental lifestyle gave results. The projects called "Alley of Friendship" were conducted in partnership with the initiative groups ,, Teri '' from Olanesti village and ,,Cutezanta'' from Crocmaz village. Read more...
Date: 25.11.2016   
A set of bins for waste separation was installed near three public institutions from Razeni village. The initiative group "We are the change" from this village implemented this activity under the project "Everyone goes for recycling". The project is implemented under the Small Grants Program, managed by Youth Bank Ialoveni with the support of East Europe Foundation from the financial resources of the Swedish Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark / DANIDA Read more...

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