East Europe Foundation is a non-profit, non-political, public interest organization, established as a foundation, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, the Law on Foundations and other laws.

The sole founder of the Foundation is a non-governmental organization – the non-profit organization Eurasia Foundation, Washington, D.C. (USA).

The mission of East Europe Foundation is to empower Moldovan citizens and foster sustainable development through education and technical assistance programs that promote democracy, foster good governance and build economic prosperity.

EEF is guided by the following principles in its program and institutional development:

  • EEF will be responsive to the needs and challenges in Moldova’s developing society and economy.
  • EEF will foster change in communities through best practices of sustainable development and will always strive to act in the best interests of Moldovan citizens.
  • EEF believes that community members and stakeholders are to be respected as partners and colleagues in our mission.
  • EEF will promote and facilitate cooperation between civil society, governments and the private sector within communities in order to promote sustainability and ensure program ownership.
  • EEF will gauge the success of a program by the evident impact it has on and the significant change it brings about in the lives of citizens.
  • EEF will respect and embrace diversity among our staff, our partners and the communities we work in, without discrimination, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or political affiliation.
  • EEF will practice good stewardship with the funds and projects entrusted to us.

As a local foundation in Moldova, EEF establishes and implements a gender mainstreaming strategy into its grant making and operating program activities.