The overall objective of the project “Advocacy for better protection against discrimination” is to strengthen the mechanisms for fighting discrimination in Moldova through civil society engagement.

The project seeks to strengthen the anti-discrimination mechanisms in Moldova through civil society mobilization. The project will enable civil society actors to (i) coalesce and advocate jointly for strengthening the domestic anti-discrimination framework; (ii) empower most vulnerable and marginalized groups to claim their rights; (iii) strengthen the capacity of the Moldovan Equality Council to share their expertise and case-law with domestic courts; (iv) increase capacity of five selected universities to prevent and curb sexual harassment. The Project is a joint effort of East Europe Foundation and Center Partnership for Development, combining capacities and experience in the field of fighting discrimination in Moldova.

Donor: European Union

Cofinancing: Sweden 

Implementing partner: Center Partnership for Development 

Implementation period: February 01, 2020 – July 31, 2022

Project budget: 400,000 EUR