The action aims at fostering sustainable partnerships and capacity of civil society actors on both banks of Nistru river through the establishment of cross-river platforms of cooperation at community level. East Europe Foundation (EEF) and its partners Agency for Regional Development of Transnistria (ARD), Center for Innovation and Social Development (CISD) in Transnistria, Independent Institute for Law and Civil Society Tiraspol (ILCS) and European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) have been working in various areas of support to civil society at different levels to support local development and better services for citizens in Moldova, being recognized as stable partners, but also as key resources for the development of grass-root CSOs. 

The project will strengthen the role of civil society organizations and networks in creating social mechanisms of confidence building. This action will contribute to the implementation of the EU/Moldova Association Agreement to support the active involvement of civil society, to promote democratic values and respect for human rights and to strengthen regional cooperation, between different regions of Moldova, Transnistria being of special interest in this sense. In this context involvement of civil society actors and creation of cooperation networks between CSOs and local communities in the regions will contribute to conflict mediation and confidence building involving non-state actors. 

The partners of the project will contribute to boost the capacity of civil society organizations, initiative groups and media in the region to meaningfully participate in confidence-building processes between the two banks of the river. In doing so, the project will enable effective mechanisms for collecting experience through the establishment of effective learning mechanisms and facilitating replicability of used techniques.

Donor: European Union

Cofinancing: Sweden

Implementing partners: Centre for Innovation and Social Development; Independent Institute for Law and Civil Society; Agency for Regional Development of Transnistria; European Partnership for Democracy (Belgium)

Implementation period: January 01, 2017 – December 31, 2019

Project budget: 1,231,872 EUR