European Union

Eurasia Foundation Moldova (the predecessor of East Europe Foundation - Moldova) received in 2008 a grant in the amount of EUR 140,000 from European Union for the project “Media Action for Voter Education” that encouraged active voter participation during 2009 Parliamentary Elections. The project involved 14 regional and local TV stations and eight regional and local newspapers.

In 2013, East Europe Foundation Moldova (EEF-M) launched a new project financed by EU, namely “Integrated Support Program for Inclusive Reform and Democratic Dialogue – INSPIRED”. This EU-funded program is designed to support inclusive national dialogue processes on key policy issues in Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Morocco and Tunisia, and help the operationalization of the Agenda for Change.

EEF-M is one of the Partner Organizations, and implements the program in Moldova, with European Partnership for Democracy from Brussels as the leading partner in the consortium. The amount administered by EEF-M under this program is EUR 151,252.

On September 19, 2012, EEF-M has received another grant award from the Delegation of the European Union to Moldova for the project “Building bridges between NGOs, business associations and media from Moldova, Ukraine and Russia for conflict prevention in Transnistria”. The action started on November 1st, 2012 and is aiming at boosting the capacity of civil society organizations, business community and media in the region to meaningfully participate in conflict prevention processes in Transnistria. The project will bring together stakeholders from Moldova (including Transnistrian region), Ukraine and Russia and will use the low politics approach to cooperation between them. The amount of EU contribution to this project is EUR 910,010.

Another project financed by EU is “Transparent Convergence to EU Policies in Sanitary Issues: the case of Georgia and Moldova”.  The proposed action aims at contributing to improved socio-economic conditions for the citizens of Georgia and Moldova through supporting the transparent convergence to EU policies in sanitary and phyto-sanitary (SPS) issues. This will result in informed and active consumers, more competitive food operators, and national food safety frameworks that are both in line with EU standards and balance the diverse interests of all stakeholders. The amount of EU contribution to this project in Moldova is EUR 270,577.

EEF was appointed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova to be the Partner Support Agency in eTwinning Plus project financed by EU. eTwinning Plus is a project, which provides a platform for schools in Europe’s immediate neighborhood, to link with schools participating in eTwinning. The countries participating in eTwinning Plus include Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Tunisia and Ukraine. eTwinning Plus promotes school collaboration through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing support, tools and services for schools that are involved in the program. The amount of EU contribution to this project in Moldova is EUR 95,000.