The project “Harnessing the CSOs’ potential to promote and develop the social entrepreneurship in Moldova” will empower Moldovan CSOs to engage in creation of social enterprises which will contribute to sustainable economic growth of communities. The project is proposing a strong capacity building program, especially on business and financial management both for social enterprises, and for regional social business hubs which will further guide the social enterprises. Additionally, with project support CSOs will empower disadvantaged people (youth, persons with special needs, returned migrants, Roma minority, elderly, etc.) to be socially and economically included in labour market and it will be created a favourable ecosystem for the development of social enterprises through access to professional consultations at regional level and raised awareness through nationwide media campaign regarding social entrepreneurship.

Wider project objective: Disadvantaged people have better access to local economic and social opportunities through active civil society engagement in the development of social entrepreneurship

Donor: European Union

Cofinancing: Sweden

Implementing partners: "CONTACT" Center, IP Keystone Moldova

Implementation period: January 01, 2022 – December 31, 2024

Project budget: 1,123,596 EUR