The Joint Equal Opportunity Initiative Project seeks to improve the situation of most marginalized and vulnerable men and women in Moldova by mainstreaming equality into policy making by the Government and Parliament. The project explores the human rights based approach, the human rights principles of equality and non-discrimination, information and participation, accountability.  

The project will achieve the following objectives: (i) Mobilise CSOs (gender, age, disability, Roma, poverty) to provide on regular basis policy advice from equality perspective to Government and Parliament; (ii) Develop institutional capacities of key line ministries to mainstream equality (take into account gender, age, disability, Roma, poverty) in policy making.

The action will achieve the following outputs: (1) Specialized CSOs are capacitated to review the laws and policies, identify equity-related gaps and make recommendations to policy makers; (2) Necessary instruments (methodology, working tools, and mechanisms) are in place for the CSOs to exercise their role of watch-dogs, advocates and advisors to policy-makers.

The target groups of the project are CSOs working in the following areas: • Gender Equality • People with disabilities • Roma people • Social inclusion of elderly people • Youth

Donor: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Project partner: Center Partnership for Development.