List of project proposals recommended for funding under the grant competition for the creation and development of Youth Entrepreneurship Funds

The 40-months project aims to contribute to the inclusive economic development of the Republic of Moldova through the active involvement of civil society and other stakeholders, considering the provisions of the Association Agreement with the European Union, which includes the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.

One of the project activities envisages funding 10 youth entrepreneurship funds to build entrepreneurship skills and supporting the employment of NEET Youth (Men and Women Not in Education, Employment and Training in Moldova). The project also aims to support the creation and development of locally viable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The grant competition has the goal to support civil society organizations in order to empower NEET Youth and train them in business development. Thus, the projects will aim to stimulate and mobilize NEET Youth at the local level and implement business initiatives. The funds created will help support the implementation of at least 60 youth led businesses NEET Youth from the regions.

Project priorities, beneficiary selection and other important issues related to the organization and operation of the Youth Entrepreneurship Fund will be identified and approved with the maximum involvement and consultation with young people, as well as ensuring their right to initiatives.

The list of project proposals recommended for financing:

1. „NEET-Integration”, Public Association  Pharos;
2. „GoYouth +”, Public Association  Henri Capitant de Cultură Juridică;
3. „CATalizator – development opportunity for SMEs from the North”, AO Traninig and Personal Development Center „Anima”;
4. „ Entrepreneurship closer to NEET young people from Bălți, Fălești and Sângerei: we build at home! ”, Association for Human Rights Lex XXI;
5. “Economic empowerment and socio-professional integration of NEET Youth with disabilities”, Alliance of Organizations for Persons with Disabilities of the Republic of Moldova (AOPD);
6. "Young people closer to the labor market", Public Association for the Support of Children and Young People with Disabilities " Dorinţa ";
7. "Startup time is my time", AO Центр Социальной Поддержки «Тринити»; 8. "Social and professional inclusion of NEETYouth", Humanitarian Association " Filantropia Creștină ";
9. "Fund for the support of youth entrepreneurship", Rural Development Agency - Center;
10. „Ștefan Vodă Youth Entrepreneurship Fund”, “Generația Pro” Sustainable Development Association.