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European Partnership for Democracy - interview with Sorin Mereacre
Date: 11.12.2014   

“By exposing us to EU processes and to other countries’ democratisation experiences, EPD has helped us lay down the foundations for closer integration between Moldova and the EU. We have big plans for the future and EPD’s Community of Practice is crucial in helping Moldova’s civil society and government design good policies.”


1. What is for you the added value of European organisations supporting other countries in their democratisation processes? What role can they play?

The European Partnership for Democracy proved to be an invaluable partner for the success of our important projects in Moldova. Our exposure to the experiences and democratization processes of other countries, whether EU Member States, Central Asian Republics or Africa states was a steep learning curve for us. I believe that it is incredibly beneficial for Moldovan Civil Society Organisations to be exposed to these experiences and to be in a position to compare with our own processes. In the same spirit, EPD facilitated these links between the EU institutions and local actors on the ground.

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