The project will strengthen civil society organisations, groups and movements that are working to end violence against women and children in Moldova. East Europe Foundation partners with Oak Foundation’s Issues Affecting Women and Child Abuse Programmes by facilitating its grant-making to grassroots women’s organisations providing services to victims of domestic violence and working to change norms related to family violence.

The project will support at least 5 grass-roots NGOs in Moldova to offer services for victims of domestic violence, aggressors and to build movements around gender equality and domestic violence issues at local level. The initiative will also finance the post-IMAGES campaign to support women rights and prevent violence against women in Moldova.

Through this project EEF will build strong grass-roots CSOs outside the capital of Moldova, in order to address the domestic violence, in the same time offering related services both to victims and the perpetrators.

EEF will cooperate with other grant-making partners of Oak Foundation in order to create a strong network of grant-making instruments in the region.

Donor: Oak Foundation

Implementation period: May 2018 – April 2021

Project budget: 1,050,000 USD